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This is a non-profit project, but since it will require a lot of time and resources, SPONSORS are more than WELCOME!

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Joshua Stein (see below) is looking for an event that is for a good amount of time in a  competitive environment. Event management/event services area would be ideal.

Apart from the Salt Lake 2002 Games, his past experience is as follows:

Major League Lacrosse, Division of SFX Sports Group, December 1999- April 2000

FIFA Womens World Cup 1999, Meadowlands-NY/NJ Venue, April-June 1999

Rovers International Soccer Camp, Metuchen NJ 08840, Summer 94 -present, (Assistant coach 94-96, Coach 97,Pele Division Head 98)

The Garden State Games, Edison, NJ 08820, Summers 1995, 1996

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Job websites HEALTHCARE JOB BANK is the global Resume Exchange database with the primary focus on Healthcare, Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries. It provides an  opportunity for job seekers and employers to connect in a fast and effective manner. Our state of the art technology, focused clients and targeted searches help make us unique One-stop website for agricultural job seekers For healthcare jobseekers and employers   The ESL/EFL job and employment resource site       Employment resources for language teachers     300,000+ jobs to choose from   Leading online information technology job board Bay area careers Bay area jobs   4,989 faculty and staff positions at 636 colleges and universities     Monster! For instructors around the globe, in all languages   Search 200+ websites,500+ newspapers   Jobs for the creative community   Financial job network Website dedicated to the administrative support field Good site to locate a legal job   Yahoo! careers Non profit jobs Over  30 direct links to Canadian job boards View the most popular job sites on the web. With helpful articles covering a large range of employment related topics and a search  engine that can help you find a job anywhere in either Canada or the United  States A wealth of both employment and human resources options make this site a must visit. Another great site for professionals who are searching for employment. Their search engine covers over 40 countries and lots of different industries. A top notch site with a great employment search engine that lets you either search their job database or the  classified ads from over 90 major newspapers. l.

tp:// Interested  in positions in the agricultural marketplace? This site provides  employment listings in Canada and can be province specific. This  site specializes in IT positions for all roles, at all levels and across all  technologies. Online healthcare employment solutions for healthcare professionals and employees. A career site for entry level Canadian career seekers Website  to assist job seekers with their job search needs. Self-explanatory, a wealth of resources

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Sports-related websites         2004 Olympic Summer Games           2005 Mediterranean Games       2006 Commonwealth Games         2006 Olympic Winter Games

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Mesa systems, John Weeks , international relocation manager

Phones: (801)  298-7486 x341 and 1-800-845-0366 x341
A  large site that has several tools to help you with your future plans including: salary calculator,  mortgage calculator to name just a few.

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If you want to send an email, click on the name

Angie Abbatecola       SLOC: Ceremonies-Sport production coordinator

Valerie Adams             SLOC: Senior Web Editor

Tasha Afanasenko     SLOC: Sport Department, 142 Kenrick St.#28  Brighton, MA  02135

Diane Alserda            Travel Guru, and Lyndsie Peterson's mom, Jr. National Skeleton                                       Champion) 6158 So. Karos Circle Taylorsville, UT  84123 Phone                                        Phone: (801) 288-2018

Valerie Andreani         SLOC: Translator. Now in France, phone : 03 83 25 32 91

Nicole Anhalt               director for WIGE MIC Sports, Inc. a contractor to SLOC for                                                 On-Venue Results for  all events

Ellen Anson                 SLOC: Senior Buyer

Ellen Babers               100 Luther Bingham Road Bryson City, NC 28713

Bronwen Barnett         SLOC: Team 2002 Retention Specialist

Mary Barraco               SLOC: Venues Compliance Manager

Jill Beckstead

Paul James Bekanich

Vera Bell                     SLOC: Food Services Administrative Assistant, Layton, UT

Thomas Benson           SLOC: .PO Box 45002 Salt Lake City, UT 84145-0002

Bettina Bigelow           SLOC: associate producer at UOP for Sport production

Bonnie Billings           3485 Enchanted Hills Dr. SLC, UT 84121

Patty Blomberg           SLOC: Regional Venue Accreditation Manager

Tom Bonerbo               SLOC: Opening Ceremony and Medal Plaza. Commissioner                                                  Pennsylvania Athletic Conference c/o Neumann College, One                                           Neumann Drive, Aston, PA 19014-1298. Phone 610-361-5344

Tammy Sue Bradley SLOC: Event Services Venue Manager, Ice Sheet at Ogden (Curling)

Tosh Brinkerhof

Michele Bradbury       SLOC: Translator, Toronto, Canada, Phone: 416-922-2999

Michele Brown           SLOC: Doping Control Manager. 12 Sherbrooke drive, Halifax,                                          Nova Scotia, Canada; B3M 1P6

Myrin Bruno               SLOC: NOC Accreditation Coordinator, and in Italy                                                              +39 335 8375673

Ted Brunson               SLOC: Medals Ceremonies Production Specialist

Kristin Byrne              SLOC: Office Management/Human Resources Receptionist. 4814                                       Quail Point Road Holladay, Utah 84124 Phone: 277-1574

Heather Campbell       SLOC: Account Executive, Creative Services Phone (801)                                                  294-0322

Lee Carry                   SLOC:, Utah Olympic Park venue logistics team, 1728-C Wildberry                                    Dr. Glenview, IL. 60025 phone: 847-724-2812

Renee Choice             SLOC: Venue HR  Manager, phone: 801-355-2551

Melinda Christensen   SLOC: Ceremonies Senior Production Assistant

Jess Christiansen       phone: 801-913-7761

Jeff Chumas

Paula Clarkson

Victoria Cobler           SLOC: ICS Venue Manager 801-277-3456

Heather Collier Brace SLOC: Medical Volunteer Manager

Tom W. Cornwall        SLOC: General Manager, Utah Olympic Oval

Carlos Cortez             SLOC: Promotions Assistant. Cell:  (801) 913-5832

Bruce Crane               SLOC: Ski Jumping and  Nordic Combined Coordinator

Anne de Champlain     SLOC: Venue Telecom Manager for the Main Media Center

Jan Damnavits           SLOC: Event Services Venue Manager Salt Lake Ice Center
                                   Phone: 310-505-1388

Linda Danet                SLOC: Lead Producer, Ice Venues. Freelance Producer - Live                                           Events,  Theme Parks, Museums 2514 Langdale Avenue Los                                             Angeles, CA 90041 323-478-1476 home 818-209-8232 cell

Jacques Darmagnac   SLOC: translator

Claire DelNegro -        SLOC Senior Manager Sliding Sports,1200 Salem St. 189,                                                   Lynnfield, MA 01940  978-532-5131

Caroline Dewynter     SLOC: translator. Now in Paris, phone 01 43 49 68 06

Bryan J. Dodd             SLOC- UOP Venue Transportation Manager Nieuw Nyenrode  236                                       3621 Breukelen MS, Netherlands P:+31.346.29.1925

Steve Drost                 SLOC: Regional Venue Accreditation Manager                                                                      (OMP, RES, SLI) Phone 801.733.7678

Nippy Feldhake           SLOC: housing supervisor in the Olympic Village.4934 East Lee                                           Street, Tucson Arizona 85712, phone(520) 795-7006.

Risa Feldman               SLOC: Manager/Flower Ceremonies. Live event producer. New                                           Leaf Events, ( own company based                                           in NY and LA

Chere Finch                 SLOC: Human Resources Manager

Cordelia Garofalo       phone: 706-224-3293

Darius Gbedo               SLOC: translator. Antipodes 29, rue de la chapelle 77200 Torcy                                          France. Phone:  +33 (0)1 64 62 01 85

Scott N. Gingerich       SLOC: Food and Beverage Area Manager

Daniel Glon                 SLOC: Translation Manager

Rob Hamberg             SLOC: Producer Park City Live Site. Draper, UT

Sandra Hamberg         SLOC: Manager of Scheduling. Draper, UT

Fawn Hanson               SLOC: EX-Administrative Assistant-Venues, Floridian

Kathy Harper               SLOC: Press Operations Supervisor for UOP, SHP and OLV, Venue                                       Presse Chief at Soldier Hollow. Now 1730 Royal Fern Lane,                                                 Orange Park, FL 32003 phone 678-361-3043

Anne Harris                 SLOC: Sport Production Assistant

Vandy Hench               SLOC: Accreditation:  Operations Coordinator/Staffing and                                               Facility Manager at Media Center

Hannah Hensel            Bountiful, UT   84010. Mobile: 801-556-9910

Pablo Herman             SLOC: Lotus Notes Professional. Staying in Utah and going to                                           work for Autoliv

Eugenie Hero               SLOC: Creative Services Associate Editor

Mario Hieb                   SLOC: Radio Frequency Coordinator. 36 H St. #2 Salt Lake  City,                                       UT 84103. Phone: 801-575-5148

Richard Holgate         SLOC: project Manager Joint Operations Integration Coordination

Chris Humbert             SLOC: Event Designer, Park City Venue and cyclist, phone:                                              801.485.7995

Libby Hyland               SLOC: Director of Creative Services

DeeDee Jessen           SLOC: Doping Control Supervisor; 17212 North Scottsdale Rd.                                         #2105 Scottsdale, AZ.  85255 Phone:  480-970-6977

Dennis F. Johnson      2225 South 2100 East, Salt Lake, Ut 84109, phone 801-461-0260

Reid Katzung               SLOC: Assistant Venue Manager, Utah Olympic Oval. Phone:                                              801-750-3279

Mark Keeney               SLOC: Deputy General Manager-Deer Valley  Resort. 1005                                                Emerson Avenue. Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Loni Kerns                   SLOC: airport transportation arrival and departure coordinator,                                       bus driver scheduler and a resident assistant supervisor.

Ronan Kitching           SLOC: Event Services manager (Olympic Stadium)

Carol Koleman:            SLOC: Media Accreditation Coordinator and Manager for Media                                        Accreditation Center. Phone: 801.364.3282.

Alicia Kreutzkampf     SLOC: Venue Production Coordinator Salt Lake Ice Center

Darla Krusee                 SLOC: WRCS Coordinator / Venue Prep Team Coordinator

Christian LaBarbera   SLOC: Senior Manager of Games-time Staffing

Matthew Lakenbach   SLOC: Creative Services Associate Editor

Nathan Larsen             SLOC: Network technical  Specialist, cell 801-205-4705  

Scott Laury                 SLOC: senior editor, creative services

Randee Lueker            SLOC: Venue Production Coordinator, Soldier Hollow. Cell:                                                 801.560.8388

Tina Mace                   SLOC: Support Operations Manager for Soldier Hollow                                                        Phone:(801)  602-9006

Deborah McCandless   SLOC Senior Transportation Manager-Downtown Region

Maureen Mc Candless SLOC: Venue Transportation Manager -Snow Basin, 64 3rd street
                                     N.Lindenhurst, NY  11757 Phone(631) 226-7345

Andreja McQuarrie     SLOC: NOC Relations Manager-Europe, phone (801) 583-3376

Trino Martinez             SLOC: Operations Manager - Delta Center Phone: 801-483-0733

MikaŽl Meunier           SLOC: translation intern

Erin Mitchell               SLOC: Spectator System Area Manager Snowbasin

Lori Morency               SLOC: Figure skating coordinator

Bruce Mosberg           SLOC Sliding Sports Coordinator  860-869-1412

Jim Nelson                   Phone number : 801-567-9059

Christy Nicolay           SLOC: Executive Producer/ Sport Production

Steve O'Connor           SLOC: Event Communication Manager. Phone: 630.853.0961

Robert OíNeill             SLOC: Accommodations/Visitor Services. After April 30, 715 East                                     Fourth Avenue Salt Lake City, Ut. 84103 Phone: (801) 363-2213

Jim Oshust - -            SLOC: Director of Broadcast Administration - 1147Hampton Crest                                     Cove, SLC, UT 84124

Daniel Pacheco           SLOC:Coordinator - Education Programs, Tooele, UT Phone                                               435-882-1508 Cell 435-840-2910

Isabelle Parent           SLOC: Assistant Venue HR Manager, Olympic Family  Hotel

Angie Parkin               SLOC: Cast Coordinator of the Children of Light in the Opening &                                      Closing Ceremonies, phone 801-467-1867

Christine Parris           SLOC: Event Services Venue Manager, Salt Lake Olympic Square

Robert Parslow           SLOC: Customer Service Desk Representative, Alana & Robert                                          Parslow, 6486 Sth Clematis Way, West Jordan, Phone: 955-9504

Cristine Paull             SLOC:- Regional  Manager of Parking

Jill-Ann Pearl             SLOC: Office Coordinator Venue Development Cell: 801-550-3064

Sheri Piecuch             SLOC: Ceremonies Production Coordinator - Olympic Medals                                              Plaza  Headline Talent

Jodi Porter                 SLOC: Assistant Cast Coordinator - Opening/Closing Ceremonies.                                      Professional skater/dancer and choreographer.                                                      

Dale Radecki               SLOC: Venue Logistics Manager Utah Olympic Park 3390 Sweet                                        Home Rd. Amherst New York 14228 Phone: (716) 691-1185

Holly Rasmussen       SLOC: Human Resources Manager. 820 Rosewood Lane Layton,                                         UT   84041 Phone: 801-544-2160

Whitnie Rasmussen   SLOC:  Creative Services Account Executive

Greg Reid                   SLOC: Village Services Manager. Cell 801-815-7887

Thomas Richards       SLOC: Contract Administrator, Phone 801-779-4378

Robert Richardson     SLOC:Sport Administrator for Curling, Associate  Professor of                                          Education Studies

Natalie Rodgers         SLOC: Business Manager for Staffing, 4938 West 5360 South, Salt                                   Lake City, UT 84118   Phone 801-955-1420

Bill Sanders                 SLOC: Production Control Team Lead

Megan Sather             SLOC: Special Projects Manager Samsung Athlete Family                                                  Homestay Program (SAFHP) phone +1 (801) 554-1833

Eric Schiff                   SLOC: talent producer, Olympic/Paralympic venues & live sites

Lisa Schoeneberg       SLOC: Curling Coordinator, phone: 608-222-2072

Lori Schwilling             SLOC: Sport Publications & Paralympic Webfreelance                                                        writer, editor, photographer, skier, runner, climber,                                                          paraglider Website

Greg Scott                   780 East 425  South Layton, UT  84041 phone: 801 543-2564

Gail Seay                     SLOC:Executive Producer, OMP

Jamie Shaw                 SLOC: Manager - HR Planning & Operations

Cyndi Sherman           SLOC: Project Manager for Results Systems

Amber Simons           SLOC: Olympic Village Administration

Matt Snow                   SLOC: Look of the Games

Maria Solomon           SLOC: Event Communications Coordinator

Mark Songer               SLOC: Event Services Assistant Venue Manager Acord, County                                         and Steiner

Peter Sorckoff           SLOC: venue producer for Peaks Ice arena - hockey

Robin Spera               SLOC: Staffing Specialist

Nancy Spooner           SLOC: Venue Producer at UOV

Tim Steele                   SLOC: Senior  Production Coordinator/Producer

Joshua Stein               SLOC: Support Operations Manager, Event Services &                                                       Paralympics,Sector Coordinator, Event Services

Steven Stokes             SLOC: Paralympic Journey of Fire Coordinator

Amanda Streams                 SLOC:  Special Projects Coordinator. Phone: (513)256-8183

Tara Swain

Kelly Sweat                 Over 10 yrs. Travel Industry Experience / Preference to                                                   Adventure travel

Rachel Sweetow         SLOC: Flower Ceremonies Coordinator

Sonja Takac               SLOC: translation specialist, Paris, France

Masahiko Tasaki         SLOC: Project manager for Results system

Julian Thomas             SLOC: Translation specialist. Living in Cucuron, France. Phone                                          0(1133)490 771 033

Johan Thoren             SLOC: Venue Producer at Soldier Hollow,                                                                            Cell: +46-70-8868488 (International)

Toshio Tsurunaga       SLOC: Deputy Director, Olympic Village Phone: 310-567-2730

Misti Vanbuskirk

Tony Vitrano               Gameday Connection 1 Citrus Bowl Place,  Suite 203
                                     Orlando, FL  32805 407-648-021phone

Trevor Walsh               SLOC: Support Operations  Manager, E-Center

Mary Weir                   SLOC: Venue Telecommunications Manager. Phone: 801 604-2082                                     home/cell

Michael "Spike" Weiser SLOC Special Projects Coordinator-Material Management &                                              Planning. Phone  801-596-8414

Tom Westenburg       SLOC: manager of Timing & Scoring. Phone (435) 658-5427

Jaime Wilkins           SLOC: Deer Valley Music Director. Website

Andy Williams             SLOC: Venue Operations Manager - Soldier Hollow

Tiffany Winslow,        SLOC:Volunteer Coord. OMP; sport psychology consultant                                                  172 Plunkett St., Lenox, MA 01240, phone 413-637-1938.

Sayre Wiseman           SLOC: Director of ceremonies production

Mike Witte                   Gameday Connection 1 Citrus Bowl Place, Suite 203
                                   Orlando, FL  32805 407-648-021phone

Karen Wright               SLOC: Deputy General Manager - E Center

Joanna Zipser-Graves SLOC: NOC Relations Coordinator. Park City. Phone:435-658-2499

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