Daroma studied Beaux Arts in Aix-en-Provence, southern France. She is one of Provence’s exponents of modern expressionism.


No 1

Venice and Rome have been major sources of inspiration for Daroma. Her abstract works splashed with golds and blues reflect her sense of the baroque and her fascination with the glitter of the Carnival and the Eternal City is reflected in the ochres she uses.

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No 6

Her landscapes, bright with poppies and lavender, where horizons shimmer in the heat of the summer sun, take you to Les Alpilles, Le Luberon or Sainte-Victoire.

No 7

Owning a Daroma means having a tiny slice of Provençal sky and summer for yourself.

Sold to an upside down family downunder

No 8

No 9

Daroma exhibited her paintings in France, in Carmel (CA) and in Atlanta (GA)

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